This is my diary of becoming a true yogi

I am making available with the intention of gaining your interest and support my 'daily yoga diary'. It is about my journey of change; from a regular joe woman, who inspires to make changes in my life, forever !!! Yes that's correct. I want to be a yogi.

I have always found myself to be open to spirituality, and believe in the 'your body is your temple' mantra.

I am going to search far and wide for yogic philosophies, practise yoga daily as a principal, and change my life; be who I really want to be.

I have a good support network, so I can do this.


What's your Dosha ???

I was delving further into my research about yogic eating today. And I stumbled across some influential points, about an individual's particular constitution and circumstances.
Firstly, diet falls into three gunas: they are Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic foods.

  • Sattvic - This food type encourages clarity and calmness of the mind. Foods that are considered Satvic are important, as they are favorable for spiritual growth. Satvics foods are seen as fresh and agreeable; consisting of most fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, (particularly the green leafy variety), whole grains, honey, pure water and  milk. I think this can sometimes be difficult to follow rigorously, not only for me as a student, but also in most Western countries. The problem is that fruit and vegetables must be super fresh; most of our food is imported from very long destinations. Milk is not sattvic unless it has been produced in an ethical way: it then becomes tamasic (I'll explain in one minute). In particular for me, as a student. I cannot afford to pay the price of organic food, or  fresh food every day. I use a lot of tinned and frozen fruit and vegetables, which guess what, yes: they are not sattvic. so I guess, I have to be flexible with these three Gunas. 
  • Rajasic - food types that fall into this category are considered to promote activity, and therefore induces restlessness of the mind. Rajasic food disturbs the equilibrium of the mind, and yoga practitioners avoid these foods for this very reason. Rajasic include most spicy foods, coffee and tea, eggs, garlic, onion, meat, fish and chocolate, as well as most processed food. It is also considered rajasic to eat too fast or with a disturbed mind. If it is peace of mind that one requires, these foods should be avoided. And yes, I am on a journey to become a true yogi, so these foods are out of bounds.
  • Tamasic - This guna must be avoided habitually. It induces heaviness of the body and dullness of the mind. As a yoga practitioner, tamasic will affect total ability to perform daily practices. Included here is alcohol, as well as food that is stale or overripe (my problem of being a student again).  Overeating is also tamasic. The traditional advice is to fill the stomach half with food, one quarter with water, leaving the last quarter empty.

Now, back to the title. What is your Dosha, and it comes from Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old ''Science for life' from India. I discovered that although the three gunas have to be considered in diet, individuals also have to consider their genetic constituent. For example myself, when I eat bread I feel heavy and bloated. But my friends can eat it with each meal, and still weigh 7 or 8 stones. So basically Ayurveda is the art of living in harmony with nature. And to start with this journey, we have to know our Dosha type. I won't go in to detail about each Dosha, the information is here, visit

I hope you have found your Dosha. Mine is Kapha. And I very much agree with it. I wouldn't say I'm particularly heavy framed, or sturdy, but I am of a medium build. But I do have a good physical strength and stamina. I do need lots of exercise, every day. Exercise affects my mind, and I feel human and clearer after a good workout. As for sleep. If I don't get less than a good 9 hours, I am definitely ineffective. And I end up binge eating on chocolate. 
What was your Dosha. Tell me, do you think it is correct ?????????????????????????

Now, before I end the blog for today, I'll go through my diet, and exercise regime. 
Well. I woke up and weighed myself, an unhappy 10 and a half stone. Then I went for a run, but my weight wasn't behind me, it was on top of me. It was really difficult, but I managed it. Then I ate natural yogurt, with seeds and raisins. I remembered the tamasic guna about overeating. Half food, quarter water and quarter empty stomach. I didn't drink tea or coffee (which I think is the reason for my headache now), which is difficult. I love coffee. Happy days for herbal tea. I don't mind it actually. 
For lunch, I was bad because I went to Las Iguanas, a Latin American restaurant. But the bad was outweighed by the good, and I ditched the oh so wonderful 'Mochito' for yummy, yummy water. Plus, I usually eat chicken and mushroom (two forbidden foods) chimichanga, with love and passion, but I traded it for the beetroot and quinoa salad, which I must admit was wonderfully flavorful, but huge. And once again, which is difficult, because I love my food; I remembered overeating very tamasic; I left half. 
Dinner, home made cabbage soup. I'm hungry now.

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