This is my diary of becoming a true yogi

I am making available with the intention of gaining your interest and support my 'daily yoga diary'. It is about my journey of change; from a regular joe woman, who inspires to make changes in my life, forever !!! Yes that's correct. I want to be a yogi.

I have always found myself to be open to spirituality, and believe in the 'your body is your temple' mantra.

I am going to search far and wide for yogic philosophies, practise yoga daily as a principal, and change my life; be who I really want to be.

I have a good support network, so I can do this.


A few ideas

Today I went for a good run along the beach. (the best place for it, I think). After that I did a one and a half hour Rodney Yee strength building yoga dvd. I am still finding my style in yoga, but I must admit. Rodney Yee is easy to follow and comprehend; I like him. I found this a good yoga session, for the very reason that I'm trying to build more strength in my upper body. I'm naturally quite strong, but I cannot stay in Adho Mukha Svanasana (or as us laymen's know it downward facing dog) very long. Maybe less than two minutes. I'm trying to build this up to five minutes, by a couple of weeks.

This week-end, I have been spending the time with my best friend. My diet was good, because she is quite healthy. And on top of this, she doesn't really drink alcohol. However, a few late nights have led me to be a little exhausted. This doesn't go with my dosha type, as Kapha I need a regular sleeping pattern, as well as lots of it. On the subject of Dosha's, I found some nice you tube clips on how to balance your dosha. Check them out, if you found the last blog of interest:

If you find it difficult to find clothing which suits what you do in yoga, and don't want to fritter away money on items that may be unsuitable; too hot, cold, or uncomfortable. I'm thinking of writing an objective critique blog about the different styles of yoga clothing that's available on the market, and other materials. For example I will try out different attire and where them for different types of yoga; to determine which outfit suits the yoga best.

This will take a great deal of work on my side. So if you're interested, let me know.

I have tried very hard to completely eliminate tea and coffee, but as my friend was here. We went to Starbucks. I love their caramochiato's. They are full of calories, but I just couldn't help myself. I'm only human after all. And we all have our naughties. But, Monday is tomorrow. So no more naughties for me. If I want to lose a couple of stone, I must not submit to the calorific treats. they say that if it isn't high in fat or calories, then it's not worth eating. But this is what my journey's all about. Re-training my mind. I am soon to order some lacto-vegetarian books with the recommendation of my yoga teacher, when I see him tomorrow. When I receive, and start cooking from them, I can comment and include recipes, that I find to be really tasty. If you like this idea, let me know once again.

Thank you, Emma.

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  1. hiya...yogi is the masc. and yogini is the feminine. i think? yes? just checkin'.