This is my diary of becoming a true yogi

I am making available with the intention of gaining your interest and support my 'daily yoga diary'. It is about my journey of change; from a regular joe woman, who inspires to make changes in my life, forever !!! Yes that's correct. I want to be a yogi.

I have always found myself to be open to spirituality, and believe in the 'your body is your temple' mantra.

I am going to search far and wide for yogic philosophies, practise yoga daily as a principal, and change my life; be who I really want to be.

I have a good support network, so I can do this.


A diary of changes


I have decided that this is the year. I am going to change my life, forever. I am going to become a real yogi. This task, is based on a 12 month change, and I'm revelling in the idea of having a nice, slender body too :) .

So far I have been researching about diet. Because I read (and it sounds pretty logical) somewhere that you have to be light in weight. This is a problem for me now, as I'm currently 67kgs. But I'm on the road to success now, when I publish this blog.

Away with diet: In yogic terminology, this is called the sattvic diet. This diet is purely vegitarian. This part I don't mind. I do not eat too much meat anyway. However, I do realise that imagination is key for my daily meals. I don't want monotony to become part of this change.

The part I'll find difficult is the social part of my life. Yes, I have to completely give up alcohol. It was chololate, but i have managed to keep this new year resolution so far.

So this is it. This is day one of a beautiful experience.

Yours in yoga Emma xxx


  1. He Emma, wishing you all the best on your Quest.


  2. Anonymous01:30

    Change is part of life, whether we want it or not. Example is growth.

    Conscious change, though, requires a moment of self-realization: the Eureka moment, when everything suddenly falls into place.

    These moments happen rarely in life, and they are elusive when we try too hard to pursue them. This is why the study of Yoga is important.